FAA Vs. Drone Operators

AireVue is all about visual marketing. Video production has played an important role in moving firms away from their more traditional marketing strategies. Using aerial imagery is an important evolution to traditional video marketing and can enhance brands across all business industries.  Using aerial footage was one of AireVue's founding services and we want to make sure that all companies will be allowed to continue to employ drone technology. 

We are a professional marketing firm and do not "play" around with flying our drones. We use them as a tool to enhance our profession. We created internal controls for safety and privacy to ensure that our industry would not be given a "black eye". There are plenty of other companies out there that fall into the same category as us with the same vision.

With that, it is important that we as business owners we speak out against the FAA's far overreaching regulations for Hobbyist and Commercial Drone Use. That is why we joined the DPA (Drone Pilots Association) and have donated to their legal fund to challenge the FAA. We encourage every business that will benefit from the commercial use of drones to join the DPA and support its efforts. 

For more information on the status of the FAA & Drone Operations you can follow Jason Koebler at Motherboard.

For more information about the DPA, please visit their site at DronePilotsAssociation.com

- Jason C. Frazier, Founder & CEO @ AireVue

New Client: Blackhawk Plaza

San Ramon, CA - AireVue is very excited to add Blackhawk Plaza as a new client. The plaza is such an amazing place to film because of the surroundings and building architecture. The water features, events, shops, dining, and of course the ducks make the plaza such a great place to enjoy the day with the family. We look forward to showcasing all the wonderful things about the plaza and the fun to be had at their events. Look for us filming over the next month.